Frequently Asked Questions

Important info and answers to your questions

If you do everything right - register, confirm your e-mail and sometimes complete your profile we will send you an account within 5 days. We check registrations of every user and sends accounts manually.
We cooperate with various services. And your registration helps us.
Yes, some offers may look questionable but all you need is register on it and confirm your e-mail. Sometimes opens 2 tab with offers - register in each tab. BUT never enter credit card data! if some offers wants it - try to reload all and register again.
Yes, you can use fake data - name, index, and you may hide you ip if you want it. But you need to use real E-Mail, don't forget to confirm it!
Sometimes confirm message may be dropped in 'spam' 'promotions' or 'social' folders. Try to find confirm message and press the activate button. After pressing and confirm, sometimes, you need to complete your profile (you may fill all with fake data)